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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does GenChat refuse to answer this question?
    GenChat is a productivity tool designed to help you with your day-to-day workflows. We understand that many people like to push AI bots to their limits with challenging questions. GenChat has an ethical filter provided through OpenAI's content moderation platform. This means some questions cannot be responded to. We understand sometimes this can be frustrating because the questions are misjudged as offensive when in fact the words are simply taken out of context. However, the development of ethical principles alongside generative AI is something GenForge is committed to. For more information, check this blog post by OpenAI:
  • How does GenChat summarize my PDFs?
    GenChat "reads" each page individually and then summarizes the key points. Once each page is some, GenChat then considers the document as a whole to provide a concise summary. If the document is large there may be several sections to the summary. Some detail in tables, spreadsheet screenshots, and images may not be summarized. PDFs come in all shapes and sizes which means sometimes there is information that GenChat can't access, for instance, scanned or handwritten images.
  • Is it the same as ChatGPT?
    GenChat is based on a series of technologies including OpenAI large language models such as ChatGPT. We also use other services from Microsoft, Google, Hugging Face and others to give a well rounded AI experience.
  • What do you do with my data?
    When you respond to your questions we rely on third-party services including AI and search. We have opted out of OpenAI's training data set so your data isn't used to train ChatGPT. We never sell your data. Check our terms of use and privacy policy for more information about our data policies and how we handle account deletion requests.
  • How does GenChat work?
    GenChat is powered by large language models trained on huge quantities of data to give informed responses. This includes ChatGPT itself and GPT4. It also benefits from other services including internet search and image generation. Artificial Intelligence is constantly improving, but it's important to maintain ethical principles in it's development.
  • How does it know my name?
    When you use GenChat through WhatsApp, the WhatsApp service includes the name you assign yourself when a message is sent. This can feel a bit unusual the first time you use it but its equivalent to sending someone an email with your name attached. It doesn't mean the AI knows any personal information about you unless you share it.
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